Available courses

Principles of Health & Natural Healing:

This class surveys the laws of health that govern our bodies and God’s plan for restoring health in mankind. Included will be discussions on natural healing and how to distinguish between true and false remedies from both revelation and science.


A thorough study of nutrients and how they are utilized in the body (vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.), when and if supplements are needed, and how to achieve a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet.

Common Diseases:

Overview of different diseases prevalent in society today — their causes, treatment, and prevention. Diseases covered include: cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, AIDS and other communicable diseases.

Health Evangelism:

Learn the role of the health message as an entering wedge for both public and personal evangelism, endeavoring to pattern after Christ’s method of reaching souls. Practicum includes step-by-step instruction in making successful health expos.

Health Talks:

How to prepare brief health talks, and present them in a way that will be interesting and informative to the public.

Hydrotherapy & Massage:

A physiological and practical approach to the understanding and use of simple water treatments and massage for the prevention and treatment of common diseases and ailments. Video footage will cover all treatments in a step-by-step manner.

Vegetarian Cooking:

Learn how to prepare over 30 different pure vegetarian recipes. Topics include Breakfast, American and Italian Entrees, Breads & Cheeses, and Desserts.

Spirit of Prophecy:

An investigation on the role of the gift of prophecy as culminated in the life and ministry of Ellen G. White. Emphasis will be given on her role in the development of the SDA church, and the miracles that testify to her work.


The importance and uniqueness of the Sanctuary Message to the SDA church. Includes study on the role of Christ in the Sanctuary and how it applies to Christian life today.

Finishing the Work:

Catch the vision of Paul as an example of what laymen can accomplish for the gospel while working to support themselves financially. Study contemporary examples of this model in action.

Evangelism & Soul-winning:

Learn to share your faith and inspire others with God love’s and care in a variety of practical ways as we learn Christ’s method of reaching the people.


An overview of the main prophecies of the book of Daniel in an effort to better understand Christ’s work on our behalf, His dealings in the affairs of the nations, and His plan to prepare a people for His second coming.

Coming Events:

Understand the importance of the three angel’s message in both the formation of the SDA church and in preparing a people for the return of Christ. Topics include the National Sunday Law, the Mark of the Beast, the Loud Cry, the Miracles of Satan, the Time of Trouble and the Deliverance of God’s people.

Christian Living:

This class reveals God’s plan for a happy growing walk with Him, and exposes the devices that Satan uses to weaken God’s people especially in these last days.

Christian Home:

A thorough discussion of the principled guidelines as revealed in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy regarding steps toward courtship, marriage, and a happy home.

Knowing God’s Will:

Learn Biblical safeguards in both how to find God’s will in your life and how to give solid counsel to others seeking to follow God’s plan for their life.

1.Principles of Health Philosophy
2. First Aid Level 1
3. Introduction to Phytotherapy (Herbology Basics)
Understanding Herbs Harvesting, Storage, Applications, Plant Parts and Plant Healing Properties, Herbal Formulas.
4. Hydrotherapy and Water Cures
Water treatments and Practical Exercises. The great water properties are simplified.
5. The 8 Natural Doctors of Health
New Start Principles in depth. Discover the greatness of these Natural Remedies.
6. Entrepreneurship and Self Supporting Ministries
Basic Business Principles
7. Organic Farming and Country Living
Practical Sessions in Organic Farming and Country Living Essentials.
8. Understanding the Times
Bible Prophecy and Spiritual Alertness and an in depth understanding of the Sanctuary Message.
9. Healing Massage and Aromatherapy
Practical Massage techniques and the Aromatic oils for healing.
10. Nutrition and Vegan Meals
Theory and Practical Sessions of Nutrition, Food Preparation and Food Combinations and get understanding of Counsels on Diet.
11. Health Advocacy and Health Expos
Public speaking, research and Health Expos.
12. Diseases Processes and Remedies
Human Physiology in Health and in Disease. Learn about Human Anatomy.
13. Ministry of Healing
Great Lessons from the great Physician in lessening human suffering.
14. Medical Missionary Principles
Medical Missionary blueprint a great guide on how Medical Missionary is conducted. Very resourceful unit of study.
15. The Consecrated Life
Medical Missionary work is a solemn calling. Reaching and touching souls. Here you learn how to study your bible. Fasting and praying for the afflicted.
16. Caring for the Sick
Bed making, Patient Bathing, Patient exercise, Patient Feeding
17. Basic Counseling Principles
Not mind Control. But helping the client counseled make a wise decision in a situation.