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Wiseliving Health Products has been supplying natural remedies since 2017

NutriSure is a trade Brand of Wiseliving Health Products

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Our Products

Conquest – Immune Booster

Pulmoguard – Respiratory Support

FibroFem – Female Reproductive Health

ProstaCare – Male Reproductive Health

FatAway – Weightloss and Exercise Endurance

Spirullina – Super Food Multivitamin

Livertone – Liver detoxification

Activated Charcoal Soap

Kombucha NutriSip Jasmine and Strawberry, NutriSip Ginseng and Passion Fruit, NutriSip Ginger and Lemon

Kefir Probiotics

Wiseliving Health ProGest Probiotics

Soya bean tea

Chicorry tea

Coconut yogurt

Soya yogurt

Health Seminars

Employee Wellness Programs


Gladness, Dietician and Food and Nutrition Educator, Lifestyle Coach.

Thabo, Undergraduate Naturopath. Chemical Analyst. Medical Missionary.